chimo app screenshot

Vehicle-to-Vehicle networking

Chimo is the world's first mobile platform allowing direct and anonymous messaging to automobiles. Just enter a license plate, write your message, and instantly connect with vehicle owners.

Notice someone's meter about to expire? Chimo them with a heads up! Someone blocking your parked car? Chimo them and ask for a move! Is something suspicious happening inside or outside of another vehicle? Chimo them with a warning! Did someone pay for your coffee in the drive-thru? Chimo them and say thanks!

The options are limitless, and Chimo is here to help you make owning and managing a vehicle just a little bit easier.

  • Social Alerts Compose alerts, or just browse what's happening around you. Check out the best of the best, or the most recent in your area.
  • Multi-device Chimo is available on all iOS and Android devices. Get started with the download links.
  • It's Anonymous You'll never have to upload a profile picture, or tell anyone your name. Just get the info you want, when you want it!

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